Taken in film.

Doing photography in film is a love/hate process. On one hand, snapping the film in place and pulling the reel through your camera with each shot is a thrilling process.

Taking film photos is really an exciting experience. Knowledge that the reel is limited to 36 exposures (or less) makes you very aware of what you’re photographing. Many film cameras are manual, meaning that it is up to you to decide things such as aperture and shutter speed. Development of the film, as well as the photos is up to you as well.  Film photography gives you, the photographer, the ultimate control over your photos. ALL decisions are up to you.

With each finished product, there is no doubt that your work is a hard earned, original photo, created entirely through your own fantastic skill.

On the other, film is considerably more expensive and much more time consuming than using digital.

When I say expensive, boy do I mean it! Especially if you’re developing each roll yourself. You can expect for 8×11 photo paper to run about a dollar a sheet and upward. While getting an 8×11 photo printed at the store may cost around a dollar, do not be fooled into believing that this is all that it will cost you to print your own.

After printing a contact sheet, testing the light, and tweaking the image, you can expect the printing cost of your image to be well over a dollar.  This can sometimes cost up to $10 or more, depending on the difficulty of your image.

Time is also an important consideration when using film. Mark my words, you will become VERY familiar with each photo processing tool, chemical, and each person using the darkroom with you. Developing is not something that can be rushed.

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